Tuesday, 28 March 2006

Free to good home

As the more observant among you will have noticed, this kitty is about to produce a litter, so the April munch (on Thursday 20th) will almost certainly be my last for a while. So I'm looking for someone to take over as organiser, and to adopt our mascot cat. The cat itself takes very little maintenance, and comes with its own leash. The munch isn't exactly hard work either; you just have to update the website occasionally, send out an email reminder, and add us to Informed Consent once a month. Oh, and turn up, but you'll probably want to do that anyway.

If anyone is interested, please email me or leave a comment, or just speak to me at the next munch. I would hate it to fade away after just over a year, because there really does seem to be a need for a Reading munch. We do get at least 15 people every time, and we're friendly and non-cliquey, and I think it's worth continuing.

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

March Munch

February was a little quiet, but still we had a couple of new faces and a handful of regulars. As always, we're the uncliqueyest of munches, so don't be afraid to come and join us!

The next munch will be on Thursday 16th March, from around 8.00pm, at The Outlook in Reading. After some discussion, we have decided that we prefer the no smoking area at the front of the pub, which we usually manage to take over.

Directions and Parking
The link includes a map showing that the pub is on the Kings Road, on the town centre side of the bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will find the Queens Road car park, accessible from the A329. You can also park right outside the pub if you are lucky.

Dress Code and Behaviour
Since they would not allow us to book, the pub is not currently aware of our meeting or our inclinations, so please dress in street clothes and be discreet.

Locating us
We plan to sit at the front of the pub, round the corner to your right as you come in through the door. This is the non-smoking section, however a satellite smoking group formed itself last month, and allowed for further mingling.

Look for the small but colourful toy cat - that's us.