Tuesday, 17 May 2005

The problem of men

I notice that all the munches so far have been virtually men's clubs - I think four women is the all-time high. What on earth can we do to encourage more girls to turn up? I mean, apart from promising a high ratio of single male doms...

May's Munch

I wasn't expecting so many people on a Monday night! Apologies to all for leaving early but I am still feeling a little bit under the weather.

I had one request from any newbie TVs in the Reading area who might want some advice or just to talk to someone - if so just email me or leave a comment and I will put you in touch.

For the June munch, I hope to be around, but I may be in China on the 16th, in which case you are all going to be in the safe hands of Mel. June 16th is a Thursday, which is of course a very sensible night to hold a munch.

In July, not only does the 16th fall on a Saturday, but it clashes with the Sweet Torments Summer Party and Pete and I are obliged to go to a wedding on that day. So my alternative suggestion is that we move it to Friday 15th, and go for a curry somewhere in Reading. Can anyone suggest a good venue?

Wednesday, 11 May 2005

Next munch: Monday 16th May

The fourth Reading Munch will take place next Monday, 16th May, from around 7.30pm, at The Outlook in Reading. We hope to be in the non-smoking area to the right of the door, which some of you will now know is our regular spot.

Yes, I know Monday is a weird night to have a munch, but that just means we will get a whole new crowd of people: the Monday-night kinksters...

Directions and Parking
The link includes a map showing that the pub is on the Kings Road, on the town centre side of the bridge. On the other side of the bridge you will find the Queens Road car park, accessible from the A329. You can also park right outside the pub if you are lucky.

Dress Code and Behaviour
Since they would not allow us to book, the pub is not currently aware of our meeting or our inclinations, so please dress in street clothes and be discreet.

Locating us
We plan to sit at the front of the pub, round the corner to your right as you come in through the door. This is the non-smoking section, however a satellite smoking group formed itself last month, and allowed for further mingling.

Look for the colourful kitty - that's us.

Please let me know if you are nervous and would like someone to meet you outside and introduce you around.

I would appreciate it if you could drop me a line to let me know you're planning to join us - either leave a comment here (change it from anonymous to other to leave your email address); or email me using the address at the top of this page.