Monday, 14 May 2007

May munch feedback...

We had a crackin' good munch in May. Here is some feedback from the Yahoo! group (now with over 50 members):

Just wanted to say congratulations on a brill, successful munch tonight, there was a great vibe, the 'crisp buffet' is becoming a habit too, we totally took over the non smoking section in perverts corner. It was great to see some familiar faces and some new ones too! so hello all the newbies! and to hit that magic '21' mark, thats fantastic! and a BIG hello to TIGGER the feisty new feline, who we cant decide whether he is a sub/dom or switch? (scorchy is definately sub)hope to see you all again soon! xxx

Seconded! The pervs are slowly coming out of the woodwork! I knew they were in there somewhere ;) Perhaps if the weather gets better, we could organise a picnic in one of the parks this summer, on a weekend of course. Who would be up for that?

It was certainly a good munch :) We certainly seem to be growing month by month, thanks to everyone who turned up and it was great to see you all again along with quite a few new people!A picnic sounds like a great idea to me :D

A picnic would be a great idea - [we] were talking about suggesting something for the weekend only last night!!! Yeah yeah yeah .... I know something for the weekend used to mean something quite different!! LOL Great munch last night - come on you guys now start getting to the clubs!!!! hee hee