Sunday, 14 December 2008

And so we say "Goodbye 2008"

What a year it's been for The Munch. We've had so many new people come and join us this year, I suspect it's been our most successful one to date.

December's Munch saw over 20 people turn up, which is a good turn out, seeing as it's Office Party Season too (I myself was at one). We also had a cracking Christmas Lunch yesterday afternoon at Chronicals Restaurant in Reading, followed by Christmas drinkies in the Oakford Social. So all in all, a good way to end our Munching for 2008.

So now to look forward to 2009. I'm hoping we can beat some records, including holding our first munch of over 40 people. It will continue to remain at The Copa because it's a central venue with a good selection of beers, hot drinks and food and it's usually quite quiet on Thursday with enough space for a large group of folk. So if you're reading this post and haven't yet made it along, please do come! I want that record!

Finally I'd like to wish you all a very merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and I hope you all have a super new year!

Orchid x

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Christmas Munch Lunch

Details of this year's Christmas Party have been announced. Email us for more details.

Date: Saturday December 13th @ 1pm
Central Reading location

Saturday, 15 November 2008

November Munch

Quite a few new faces this month, sorry I didn't get to say hi to you all. After an exhausting week, I kicked off my shoes and found the comfiest chair in which to plonk myself and drink fizzy red stuff. And there I stayed until home time.

The Munch is open to anyone over 18 with an interest in BDSM and fetish. We meet on the second Thursday of every month. Please email us if you are thinking of coming along but are not sure about it.

Next Munch: December 11th
Christmas Lunch Munch: December 13th (places are limited, email for details)
Until then....
Orchid x

Monday, 10 November 2008

Munch on Christmas

I couldn't attend the last munch but I am told there were a fair few people in attendance. It's nice to see you can all survive without me!!! (ego-alert!)

So, we've got two munches to go until Christmas. The next is this Thursday, the 13th November. We have secured the downstairs private bar this month, giving us more space. During this one, we'll try and gather as many thoughts as possible about what you would like to do as an extra munchy thing in December. Last year for example, we went to The Fox Inn for a lovely Christmas Dinner. Something similar this year perhaps?

As usual, if you are new and would like someone to meet you when you arrive, come and find myself or SirCadian. Feel free to email us to let us know that you're coming. And look out for our two mascots, Scorchy the Pussycat and Tea-eye-double-g-rrrrrrr (that's Tigger!).

See you there!
Love Orchid x

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Summer (???) Munch

Not so much of a summer this year in Reading but it hasn't stopped the new-comers and old-hands attending the munches in June, July and August, with over 30 people at each one. It's been a pleasure to meet the newbies and it's always a pleasure to see the regulars.

We are planning a picnic on Saturday 6th September. If you are interested, please make sure you have joined the Yahoo Group to see details. (Note: Please make sure your profile states your age and your interest in all things adult, so that we aren't deleted as a group).

I'm sure you would all like to join me in wishing one of our beloved and most regular of regulars, Durbin, all the best in his moving away from the area next month. We will all miss you and we wish you the very best of luck. Hopefully you'll be able to pop along to visit every now and then, especially for some of the picnics.

Next Munch is September 11th and everyone is welcome. Please send us a message if you'd like someone to meet you when you arrive.

See you there,
Orchid x

Sunday, 11 May 2008

May Flies

This month's Munch saw over 30 people - with several new faces. We have made ourselves at home now, in the downstairs part of the newly renamed Copa. The downstairs bar is open for us, there is an outside spot for the smokers, the music is down low so we can chat and the sofas/chairs are very comfy indeed. Yes, we like it!

I also like the new cocktails!!

Thanks also, to all those who came along to the inpromtu picnic on Saturday - the weather was lovely and the company was most pleasant. Sorry to all those who didn't get to hear about it. We really only decided to have one at the Munch and we didn't get time to advertise it anywhere. Despite this though, we had a turn out of 18 people!

If you are new and have been thinking about coming along, please do. I have been told that the Reading Munch is one of the most friendly and social Munches in the area and it's true. Please contact myself or Rob if you want us to meet you when you pop along.

See you on June 12th!

Orchid x

Saturday, 12 April 2008

April Event - new venue thoughts

Well now, isn't our refurbished venue lovely folks? Despite our worrying over whether The Outlook would be ready on time for us, we needn't have. The newly named "The Copa" bar proved a hit with everyone. Stylish, clean and relatively quiet, we decided to move downstairs where we could spread out, have our own bar and be nearer to the loos too!

Over 30 people attended with quite a few, very welcomed, new faces making an appearance.

We are planning to make the downstairs our new permanent area now, so please don't miss us next month!

Orchid & Rob

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The Outlook - renamed!

Our usual venue, The Outlook on Kings Street, is under new management and now has a new name.

The new name is The Copa, so see you there on April 10th.

(If it's too loud/busy etc) we'll be over the road at The Warwick, so look out for our mascot Scorchy.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Possible change of venue for April

The Outlook is currently under refurbishment but is due to re-open on Thursday 10th April (our next munch night), so hopefully the plan to meet as usual from 7.30pm onwards still stands. However, should it be closed, we'll be continuing as normal over the road in the Warwick Arms.

Both munches were well attended with over 30 people at each of February & March Munches. Many new people come along to these things and we welcome anyone who might be thinking about coming along. Please contact us if you'd like someone to meet you there.

We have two new sites, so please add us:

See you Thursday!

Orchid x

Saturday, 12 January 2008

2008 off to a good start

Thanks to everyone who came along to the first munch of 2008. Another good turnout (about 27) especially for a wet and windy January night. Plenty of regulars were there along with some new faces and a few folk we hadn't seen for a while - good to see you again!

Next month the munch falls on Valentine's night so Orchid and I are cogitating on if and how we should make this an extra special munch - suggestions welcome.

Also thanks to everyone who voted in the website poll (results bottom right). It's clear this site gets used by first-timers and regular munch-goers alike which is useful to know in terms of what content to post.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Hope everyone...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a fun time welcoming in the New Year. See you all at the January munch next week - same time, same place...