Saturday, 20 February 2010

January & February

So 2010 has got off to a brilliant new start. Both January and February have seen nearly 30 people join us and a lot of these are new faces.

We often get messages throughout the month from people asking if they can join us etc. This is a free night where anyone can come along after work, so no pre-booking is necessary. We meet at the same pub every month and you may find us upstairs on ground level at the very front or very back, or basement/riverside level at the very back. You'll see our mascots Scorchy and Tigger sitting on a table somewhere amongst us. Just ask for Orchid or Rob if you'd like us to meet you. If you're still a bit scared, take a look at this forum post:

Talking of Scorchy, Rob it's probably best she doesn't come and stay for a holiday with me again. Not only do I have to keep her out of site of my cat who thinks she has come home to play with her, Scorchy actually goes running off back to Tigger at the first opportunity!!! (For those who have no idea what I'm talking about - I lost the mascot last munch!!!!)

Next Munch: March 11th

See you there,
Orchid x