Friday, 27 May 2011

May the Munch Force Be With You!

Errr, well, I wasn't there and even though I've asked some of you for comments on the evening you haven't come back to me. All I know is that Moonlight had a hangover the next day!

On this basis, I will assume you all had a great time and that you're looking forward to the next one.

Next Munch: Thursday June 9th

See you there,

Orchid x

Monday, 2 May 2011

April Munch

The Reading Munch occurs on the 2nd Thursday of every month and attracts between 25 and 35 people a month. We have over 120 members plus many more who haven't signed up to the Yahoo Group. Attire is strictly vanilla as the munch is held in a pub open to the public. Whilst our munch is not a place where you are guaranteed to score, you will meet new people who share similar interests and meet new friends.

If you've been considering for some time about coming along, then please do. Really, it's just a group of people who meet up in a local pub. We don't bite. Well, not in public!

Next Munch: May 12th

Orchid x